A New Kind of Learning Space
KAI's Education Studio Leader, Nestor Infanzon, was interviewed for this insightful article on classroom design.

March 2011College Planning & Management MagazineClearly, education is changing on many levels — the addition of technology, the advent of online education, the accessibility and ubiquity of information, the comfort level of students and professors in using technology, the delivery of education, the role of the professor. All this is leading to student-centered teaching, which is influencing changes in classroom design. “I firmly believe that we’re at a great juncture in the higher education classroom design business,” says Nestor Infanzon, FAIA, RIBA, LEED-AP, EDAC, education and healthcare studio leader for KAI Design & Build, St. Louis. “We’re looking at a changing world that’s rewriting design needs for classrooms. We have a great opportunity to look at this building element from the true essence of the issues and not just the little pieces. Technology is a little piece, not the essence, of the issue. The essence is how in the future we are going to teach.”Read more