Choose Artwork That Inspires, Sets the Mood and Temperament for a Space
By: KAI Art Director Kennedy Yanko

A central art piece affirms the aesthetic for an entire space, offering itself as the sought-after, picture-finishing puzzle piece. It ensures that those in its proximity are engaged, functioning at their most cerebral. At least, that’s what art has the potential to inspire.

When designing an office or other interior space, choose artwork that speaks to you and elicits an emotional response. We want art--the provocative entity that it is--to instigate and mediate conversations happening in particular rooms. Whether it’s a painting on the wall, or a center-stage sculpture, that piece will reflect a mood and provide a focal point; a re-set; a reminder, no matter the subject or audience.

That said, art is experiential and sets the tone for what happens in that space. Not all eyes see blank walls as blank canvases, primed and ready for colorful steps forward. But most eyes can recognize the calming effects of subtle blue hues in the artwork by the water cooler. We can’t forget that art has a function, and a place--even, and especially, in the workplace.

KAI's Interior Design Team and I work with clients to select artwork that creates specific, desired effects that reflect their company's brand. We listen to our clients, identify the aesthetic situation, and provide the appropriate artistic solution. Be it in the form of a mural, sculpture, painting, light installation or other artistic expression, the work that we provide is guaranteed to be as unique as our clients are themselves.

We allow the art to be the focus through which all else is determined; without it, perspective is lost. And from there, we keep it simple. We keep it cohesive. We don’t overdo it. We observe, act intuitively and execute in a timely manner. We embrace the art and let it live.